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We have a vast network of resources that we have built in over 40 years of trading, this network enables us to reach out to the highest qualities and best prices available in each products range

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since establishment 4 decades ago, our mission was and still to research, design and manufacture innovative FMCG products complying with the latest scientific findings and advancements.

For decades we`ve been expanding our expertise, discovering new markets and applications from our innovative thinking. We are here now as a result of the reputation our brands gained, and we are offering the essence of our success to be shares with private label customers to build their own brands.

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The road from product idea to retail success is full of challenges, and its useful to have an experienced team in this field helping along the way. Since decades, our company is making use of consumer insights

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Products Hania Ghad

Palestinian coffee – cardamom
Vanilla Cake mix
Fish seasonings
Meat and Kebab seasonings

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The road from product idea to success in the retail market is full of challenges, and it is very beneficial to have a team at your side

Our Products